Gordon Charles McRae 20 Dec 1935 - 31 January 2013

Gordon Charles McRae was born on the 20th of December 1935 to David and Alice Elizabeth McRae in the Quairading hospital. December in Quairading (Western Australia) is always hot and December 20th would have been no exception, but Dave and Allie, who they became fondly known as, wouldn’t have noticed, because for them, Christmas this year had come early.

Gordon was their 5th child – John was the eldest, followed by Mary, Cynthia (dec), Brian, then Gordon and Pattie. At the time, the family were living at North Yoting and before long, schooling commenced at the North Yoting Primary School. He has many memories of traveling to and from school with his siblings on a horse and sulky as well as by bike. He recalled few memories of schooling – maybe it just didn’t matter because the farm was his classroom. One morning he left his brother Brian to catch the bus on his own, deciding to wag school for the day. He thought he would wait the day out at the bus stop, so he sat in the shade of a strainer post. Unbeknownst to him, his mother saw him and wondered how long he would last. When the sun reached its midday zenith, the strainer post was unforgiving and the shade had gone….and so was he…back home to mum with his tail firmly between his legs. Later on, he moved to the Quairading School where he made many friends. There he developed his lifelong love of sport, which stayed with him for the rest of his life. Those were the days of steel sprigs on football boots, bitumen wickets and sand greens….and at that time of his life he never knew any different as he was having the time of his life.

Ray MacRae Memorial

Four generations of MacRaes
Standing – Christine MacRae, Emma Wright nee MacRae, Joshua MacRae, Paul MacRae, Mary (MacRae), Ray Hynes. Front – Ewen MacRae and Keith MacRae.

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BY: Alan McRae

Raymond Edmund MacRae 1942 - 2012

Raymond Edmund MacRae, ‘Ray’ to his family and friends, passed away at 10am on Thursday 20th December, 2012, in Orange District Hospital after a two year fight with cancer. His funeral was held on 24th December, Christmas Eve in the Catholic Church in Orange. A large number of family, friends and past workmates gathered to farewell a man who had a zest for life and dearly wanted to beat his affliction. It was not to be and Ray realised this, amazing many with his acceptance to move from this world to the next.

Whether you were a MacRae or McRae or any other way it may be spelt you were family. I first met Ray when he was doing some family history.

Ray’s nephew Mark Saddler read the eulogy at the service and much of the following information is from Mark’s eulogy.

Who was Raymond Edward MacRae and where did he come from?

Scots College Bathurst - Highland Gathering 2012

Report by: Ray MacRae


A brisk sunny morning greeted us as we arrived on a wet oval with views almost like Scotland.

We erected our tent and began to arrange our coffee, tea and Scottish yummies. Some of our visitors look for some refreshments during the day.

As the sun climbed the warmth returned and a more perfect day could not be imagined.

14 bands from thought out the country arrived and began forming and tuning instruments. The pipes and the drums brought a reality to the day and the crowds knew they were in for a Scottish feast of movement, colour and music.

The Scottish dancers were a treat to see, the results of many months of practice. The movement, the colour and their steps near brought a little moisture to the eyes. I am sure the tradition will live long at this place.

Quarterly Meeting Clan MacRae Nov. 2011

I travelled to Sydney with our President Alan McRae to attend our regular quarterly Clan MacRae meeting held in Sydney at the home of Sue Catterall, in the lovely suburb of Wahroonga on Wednesday 16th November 2011

The day began at 12noon with greetings and the introduction of our special guest Mary (Toni) McRae who had come all the way from Queensland to address our meeting.

Toni is planning to write a book about the history of the MacRae family in England some one hundred years ago. The family were a family of Medical Doctors over several generations. Toni has been researching the book for several years and is convinced that “Jack the Ripper” is one of these doctors. I look forward to reading her book and seeing the research come to life.

Clan MacRae attends the Canberra Highland Gathering October 2011

Content by: Alan K. McRae

The Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand attended the Highland Gathering which was held in conjunction with the Pipe Band Championships in Canberra on Saturday 8th October, 2011. An event of this type had not been held in Canberra for 30 years. With the Clans invited it was an ideal opportunity for Clan MacRae to be represented on the day as we don't have many opportunities to meet fellow clansfolk in this area.

The day dawned in Canberra promising a few showers which held off really until the end of the day though there were some ominous cloud formations and some apprehensive glances at the sky. It was held on the oval opposite the Burns’ Club in Kett St, Kambah.  The Kambah District Playing Fields proved a great venue where fourteen Clans set up their marques and tents, including the Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand. The Scottish Australian Heritage Council and Scottish House also attended with everyone providing information to their Clans.

Former President visits Bathurst

Mr. Kenneth MacRae, former President of the Clan MacRae, spent the weekend (3/4 September 2011) at Bathurst in the company of ordinary member Ray MacRae and our current President Alan McRae.

Ken came to renew old acquaintances and develop new ones. During Saturday he enjoyed a luncheon at a picturesque farm at Rock Forest followed by a walk around the lovely Bathurst town square completed by a quaint coffee and cake at a well known Bathurst restaurant. Bathurst made us proud by putting on a perfect spring day.

Report on the Gathering at Glen Innes

Story content by: Alan K. McRae

Clan MacRae attends the Australian Celtic Festival 2011 in Glen Innes 

For the first time the Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand attended the Australian Celtic Festival in Glen Innes in northern N.S.W. on Saturday and Sunday, 30th April and 1st May, 2011.  It was a celebration of all things Celtic and took place at the ‘Standing Stones’, the national monument to honour all Celtic people who helped pioneer Australia. They were opened on 1st February, 1992. The stones were inspired by the Ring of Brodgar in Scotland’s Orkneys. Ireland was the theme this year and Ireland’s Ambassador to Australia, Máirtín O’Fainín, officially opened the event at the Glen Innes Town Hall on the Friday.

Helping to connect families 2

Elizabeth Thompson:

To connect to Christopher MacRae, Wagga Wagga

Hello Allan,

Sorry I missed your clan meeting at Glen Innes new it was on but didn’t know when.

I’m sending this to you as I’m a direct descendant of a Christopher MacRae & Ellen/ Elena Noble.

My Grandmother was the eldest born to them. Her name was Christina MacRae born 21st Jan 1880 at Wallenbeen she had lots of siblings. Unfortunately I never got to know her as she passed away before I was born; she married my grandfather James Madden, son of Thomas Madden & Catherine Madden, nee Harrington from Tipperary Ireland.

Helping to connect families 1

This new section is for family members to reach out and find connections. Please send information to if you have information that can help or add to the following:

[From: Neil Mc Coulter]

This is from my mums side. Her name is Marion and she has two sisters and a brother. My grandmother was Jessie White Macrae (maiden name) 1913-1989. She had a sister Majery.

They arrived from England in the 1920s. Her parents were Alexander Macrae and Mary Maconnachie. Jessie was born in Yorkshire UK. Jessie spent most of her life in Gladesville (Sydney). She married in 1942 to Thomas W Bromley. She died in Mudgee NSW in 1989.

I'm trying to trace her lineage back. I can't find any info about her parents except from mum's (Marions) memory.