2015 Canberra Highland Gathering & Scottish Fair

Event Date and Time: 

Saturday, October 10, 2015 - 10:00am to 5:00pm

Clan MacRae Society attending 2015 Canberra Highland Gathering & Scottish Fair – on Saturday 10th October, 2015 – 10am to 5pm - FREE Entry

Canberra Gathering 12 Oct 2013  Alan McRae President IMG_0482It seems that there will be again a reasonable Clan MacRae flowing attending Canberra Highland Gathering & Scottish Fair which is taking place on Saturday 10th October, 2015. The traditional Scottish Highland Gathering is being held at Kambah Oval in Kett Street, Kambah. It does not cost anything to get in as there is no charge to attend. The Gathering is open to the public from 10am to 5pm.

The Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand will be having their clan marquee all set up and you do not have to be a member to visit the tent. All you need is to be a MacRae/McRae or anyone who is a descendant of any MacRae, no matter what the spelling, you are welcome and encouraged to attend this interesting event and drop into our marquee. You will see the sign “Clan MacRae” out the front.  .  

As usual Alan McRae, President of the Clan MacRae Society of Australia and New Zealand, will be travelling to Canberra specially to attend. Allan Smith, Vice President, will be on hand as well. Elma McRae, Clan secretary, intends to travel to the Gathering also.

This is the fifth annual Scottish Highland Gathering and is organised by the Canberra College of Piping & Drumming. For those who wish to attend a longer day then this is followed by a celebratory Scottish Ceilidh at night with traditional dancing, singing, piping and drumming at the Canberra Burns Club across the road in the evening.

Canberra Gathering October 2014  IMG_3020 (60)One can easily see why the skirl of the bagpipes stirs up one’s Scottish blood and set your feet tapping. It is always a great day of traditional Scottish events and activities including pipe band competitions, massed bands displays, a multitude of Scottish food and market stalls, Scottish heavy athletics events (e.g. caber tossing and the lifting of the stones), performances by Scottish Country Dance groups and much more family entertainment, so be sure to come along there is certainly plenty to see and do.

As usual, in addition to featuring the A.C.T. Pipe Band Championships, the day will also feature Highland and Irish dancing displays and competitions and folk music. The massed pipes and drums is definitely the most impressive event of the day. There are nu8merous Clan tents along with plenty of Scottish and related food, products and souvenirs. They also have a number of other displays and static events throughout the day. 

Be sure you visit our marquee and look over the “Scottish – MacRae Collection”. They are all items from yesteryear and can include - a silver penny of Scotland’s King Alexander III – issued 1280 form Edinburgh mint ; 1793 Scottish letter from the famous Scottish Judge, Lord Eskgrove of Inveresk to Mr. John Spottiswoode of Spottiswoode House in London ; 1704 Queen Anne’s Bounty medal designed by John Crocker for a fund Queen Anne established to augment the incomes of the poorer clergy ; a set of ca 1860s Victorian era Seaforth Highlander’s Officer’s shoulder belt plate and belt buckle made with silver on brass plates ; copper coin of Roman Emperor Constantine II ca 337AD and found in Scotland after the Romans conquered much of Britain ; a Scottish folded lettersheet posted from Edinburgh to George Fularton Esq. in Irvine on 2nd August, 1841 ; Scottish issue silver fourpence of King Charles I who reigned 1625 – 1649 ; a silver Queen Anne official Union Medal, issued by Royal Mint on 1st May, 1707, by John Crocker to commemorate the Union of England and Scotland ; a Scottish ‘thunderstone’ believed by the early Celts and Scots that they were ‘thrown’ down at them when the gods got angry ; ornate hat pin with ‘Scottish thistle’ and much more. 

Canberra Gathering October 2014  IMG_3020 (33)Definitely it is a family orientated and friendly event where any MacRae, other Scots, those of Scots descent. There are lots of people who are simply interested in Scottish music and culture who come along and join in the day long festivities. Remember it’s for anyone with a love of all things Scottish so bring your family and friends and rally around to the sound of the pipes and drums at the Canberra Highland Gathering & Scottish Fair on Saturday 10th October, 2015.   

The Clan MacRae Society have attended the four previous gatherings which were highly successful.

For further information contact Alan McRae, President, on 02 63315404 or email amcrae@lisp.com.au