July 2011

The Waiting Room Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Julia is a very beautiful, not pretty girl much like he mother’s family the Mc Cloud’s from Elsternwick in Melbourne. She had thick dark brown hair and a noble nose, average height and a delightful figure considering her 4 children. Julia the eldest girl was always on my side and took care of me.

Now Dad what is this all about?

I don’t know I confessed. This chap called Colin Heathcote from some Lawyers office in Sydney wants to do my family tree to see if I am in a particular line from our Scottish ancestors. He said if I am I stood to gain if I am.

The Waiting Room Chapter 3

Chapter 3

His name was Colin Heathcote and he represented a Legal firm from Sydney.

He explained his work was to satisfy himself that I was the person named in a document his company had received from Scotland.

I began to get a little nervous and wondered what all this was about.

I asked if Mr Heathcote if I could call him Colin

Why yes he said, and may he call me George, I agreed.

In fact I may well be working for you if things work out.

What may I ask is this all about?

The Waiting Room Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I must have nodded off because it was Anne shaking me to get up and take a walk around the garden with her.

It was during this journey around the beautiful garden I realised Anne was not as complete as I had thought. She began to speak to a Gardner who was not there. She even introduced him to me, I nodded to where she could see the man I pretended to shake his had, and Anne said Albert was a good person to get to know as he could talk for hours about the plants in the garden.

The Waiting Room

Raymond E MacRae 24.12.08.

Chapter 1

Just sitting there waiting for someone, he is not sure who or for what reason, life is becoming a matter of waiting.

The taxi had let George off out the front of a large white brick building at the end of a long curving drive.

The lawn was kept to perfection and there were large deciduous trees set in an organised pattern beginning to produce this year’s crop of leaves. George felt comfortable in this setting as this is what he had striven to build for himself since they had moved to town.